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The Sleepover is OVER!

I think Bixby and Rupert have had enough together time for this visit. What do you think?







I think the party’s over. I can’t judge. I’ve seen a few family get togethers end pretty much this way. I guess that makes it official. Bixby is more like real family than foster! Look out Christmas. Here we come!

How to Say Happy Birthday Without Sounding Like a Pinterest Board…

The title just about says it all. How do you say a very public HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most important people in your life without sounding like a Hallmark commercial or a Pinterest board full of sappy memes? It’s pretty freaking hard and, as you can probably tell, I don’t do “sweet” very well. This is what I came up with instead.

It’s Ed’s birthday! Help me celebrate this guy!


He’s the man who keeps me laughing, the tom to my foolery, the guy who shares my stupid inside jokes and my bathroom.






He’s the guy who let’s me do stuff like this and  post it on the internet without too much fuss.





He gave me this…

Baby Oliver






Which, thankfully, became this!

Handsome OliverAnd, most recently, he gave me this!

Ignore the pill bottle in the background. Rupert isn't ready to admit he has a problem.

Ignore the pill bottle in the background. Rupert isn’t ready to admit he has a problem.






 He even buried my cat for me! (That’s a huge deal! I LOVED that cat!)







You probably thought Happyland was code for something naughty, didn't you?

You probably thought Happyland was code for something naughty, didn’t you?

There’s Someone for Everyone… Even This Guy

Ed and I like going to the neighborhood thrift stores from time to time. Truthfully, the store with the best stuff, which shall remain nameless, is way over-priced. Still, it’s fun to look. Everyone looks for different things when they thrift shop. Ed looks for books. I look for furniture, light fixtures, candle sticks, and glassware. I’m also in search of an elusive Corning Ware bread pan (cornflower blue). I have one and the loaves of bread I bake with it are the most beautiful loaves known to mankind. If I had another one, I’d be a happy, happy girl. While trolling the isles on Saturday, Ed and I had one of those small moments that happen from time to time in a marriage or any long-term relationship. You know the kind I mean. The kind of moment that reinforces your bond, reassuring you that you’ve found “the one.”

Although we typically split up at the thrift store, we happened to wandering together on Saturday. As we neared the jumble of pictures and picture frames sitting on the floor in one corner of the store, Ed and I stopped short. Ed was slightly in front of me, so neither one of us could see what the other was focusing on. We didn’t say anything for a second. Then…

Me: Are we looking at the same thing?

Ed: I hope so.

Me: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Ed: I hope so.

Me: I think we should get it.

Ed: ME, TOO! [Both of us burst into fits of giggles lasting a good 5 minutes.]

This is what caught our eye, captured our imaginations and confirmed our mutually shared weirdness and decidedly “off” senses of humor. I present you with Uncle Mortimer, as we’ve chosen to call him. Yes, we bought a portrait of someone’s long-deceased family member. He’s currently occupying a place of honor in our living room. thrift store findsYou should have seen the looks we got from the other customers and the cashier when we were checking out. Everyone wanted to know why we’d buy a photo of a man we didn’t know. It was pretty clear from the looks on their faces they thought we were total freaks, which kind of made buying the thing all that much better!

The fact that we both locked eyes on Uncle Mortimer and knew we had to have him without a word passing between us, well I take that as a sign. There’s someone for everyone. Ed’s my someone and I’m his. We’re different in  A LOT of ways, but we can also let our freak flags fly (and those are some pretty big flags) without fear of judgment from each other… teasing, but no judgment…

There’s even someone for Uncle Mortimer. We’re sending him to live with our friend, William, an artist, who’ll appreciate Mortimer as much we do. The decision to send the portrait to live with William was made before we even got home. William will appreciate the campiness and see the picture as a piece of art.

On a supernatural side note, Rupert barked at the portrait off and on all weekend, sometimes while staring directly at it and sometimes while looking slightly off to one side. I’m not sure if he’s just creeped out by it or if the photo came with the actual Uncle Mortimer as an added bonus. Either way campy turned to creepy really quickly and it’s time for that thing to go!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever bought at a thrift store? Tell us about it. Better yet, send pictures!

A Conversation With My Mother

As a joke, I texted my mother last night asking where she planned to hang the portrait of Rupert I painted for her.

Mom: Well, I’ll hang it with all the other paintings my grands have made for me.

Me: Mother, I am NOT a grand! I demand a place of honor. Rupert and I will settle for nothing less.

Mom: How about around my neck?

Me: That will work, I suppose. I’ll have to confer with Rupert, of course.

Ok. So, she’ll kill me for saying this, but my mom’s getting a little older. I’m not sure if I actually needed to remind her that I am her REAL child, NOT her grandchild, and therefore much more important, or whether she just wants to put all the shitty homemade art she’s gifted with in one place. Either way, her final response was funny. Well played, Mom. Rupert and I are working on a necklace to hang the portrait around your neck. Call you when it’s ready!