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Hey, Mike and Shanna, You’re Going to Have the Best Wedding EVER!

As you probably recall, my friend, Mike, is getting married in a couple of weeks. Remember, I don’t like getting dressed up? I have to buy clothes? Blah, blah, blah, blah…

Well, my old friend, the Universe, knows I’ve been in the middle of a craptastic poopstorm the past couple of weeks and it’s decided to cut me some slack. Thank you, Universe. I needed a little light at the end of the tunnel! So, not only am I ready for my TSA cavity search, a trip to Atlanta, and, yes, even putting on fancy clothes, I’M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! Well, maybe not the cavity search, but that’s what I get for mentioning 9/11 in that first post… What’s more, I just know this is going to be the best wedding EVER! How do I know this? I found a super cute dress that I can’t wait to wear…  AND IT DOESN’T REQUIRE SPANX! If that’s not a good omen, I don’t know what is!

Look out Atlanta (and Mike and Shanna)! Ed and I are coming!