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It Ain’t Over Til the Fat Lady Sings

So, you’re probably wondering how the pet portrait is coming along. The fact that Rupert is furiously chewing on my computer cords, trying desperately to sever my ties to the outside world and end this post, pretty much says it all. It’s going. So, before I post the progress pictures, I ask you kindly to consider the following:

  1. I NEVER said I was an artist. In fact, I said I WAS NOT an artist;
  2. It looks better in person, especially if you stand really far away and squint;
  3. As the title says, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings and, BELIEVE ME, I sing much worse than I paint. So, you’ll KNOW when it’s over! 

Don’t count me out, yet, folks. I got this. Trust me. I’m a blogger!

Starting with the darks. I saw this on YouTube.

Starting with the darks. I saw this on YouTube.


It’s the lights that are gonna kick my ass!