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Color My September Photography Challenge – Week Two Blue

It’s time for week 2 of the Rowdy Fairy: Colour My September – Photography Challenge. This week’s color is BLUE. Without further ado, I give you my first 3 photos, once again taken on the go. Last week, I kind of thought the “on the go” thing was a little bit of a cop-out. This week, I think my opinion has changed. I’m more aware of what’s going on around me. My eyes are open and I’m always looking for interesting angles, colors, or subjects to shoot. Interestingly, this week, I’ve noticed I don’t see a lot of the color blue in everyday life, other than the sky, of course. Blue is challenging me more than red did last week. So, I’m not leaving it at 3 photos. There will be a part 2 later in the week. Until then…

PicMonkey Collage

Color My September Photography Challenge Week One

I’m participating in Rowdy Fairy’s Photography Challenge – Color (Colour) My September! Week One is all about red. Since I’ve been on the go, by photos were all taken with my butt planted firmly in the driver seat of my trusted FJ Cruiser! Hope you like them!

Color My September Red

Help Me Decide Which Photo of Our Perfect Pooch to Paint!

One of my favorites, but don't let that influence you!

One of my favorites, but don’t let that influence you!

Visit our FB page at Take a look at the photos I took of Rupert earlier today and help me decide which one to use for his portrait, painted with love (if not talent) by yours truly. Don’t get all hot and bothered if the photos aren’t professional quality. I’m still learning how to use my very expensive Christmas present to myself. I can’t wait to see which one ya’ll choose! If you’re enjoying Begin in the Middle, please like and share. Like and share!!!!