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Deep Dark Secrets

Well, I guess stoner cats are a dime a dozen in the blog-o-verse or maybe my tribute to Little Bit was just too morose for a Tuesday evening. Whatever the reason, yesterday’s post fell flat. Sorry to disappoint. I’ll try to be more titillating today. In fact, I’m thinking about deep dark secrets. We all have at least one. Here’s the deal – I’ll share one of mine and for every one you share with me in the comment section below, I’ll share another one! This could be really fun if you will play along with me! Besides, my mother is going to DIE when she reads this! Don’t worry mom, I’ll start with MY secrets first. I won’t tell any of yours… until later….

1. Movie I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I love AND BEST CHEESY MOVIE OF ALL TIME…. Urban Cowboy – “I gave her the fanger. She gave me the fanger. I don’t know. I guess it’s over.” – Bud

2. My dog has clothes. I never in a million years thought I would be “that” person. It’s a pretty shameful admission. His wardrobe is currently limited to 3 t-shirts: All American Dog, Batman, and his Texans jersey. I will not apologize for the Texans jersey. He’s so darn cute in it!