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My Cat’s a Stoner and It’s Probably My Fault

If you don’t know us personally; if you just look at the pictures on Facebook and Instagram; if you just read the stories I’ve written on Begin in the Middle; you might think Rupert is our first and only pet. Rupert is, in fact, NUMBER TWO PET in this house, although he will never admit it. As much as I love my stupid Chihuahua, I am, in my heart of hearts, a crazy cat lady – always have been and always will be.

Meet my first love, Little Bit, whose name was not ironic once upon a time. This is the smartest, funniest, most loving cat I’ve ever known. No lie. No exaggeration. Truth.

Exhibit A

Bit and Her Pot of Nip

It occurred to me today that Rupert gets an awful lot of attention in real life and just about everywhere else. He’s cute and his antics are funny and all, but Little Bit deserves the spotlight from time to time, too. Rupert’s shtick is still new to us. It’s easy for Bit to get lost in the commotion. She’s old, tired, and would rather sit in the sun with her face in a pot of catnip than supplying me with fodder for my blog, as Rupert so obligingly does.


Leave Me Alone. I'm 14 yrs old, dammit! I need my catnip!

Leave Me Alone. I’m 14 yrs old, dammit! I need my catnip!

In her prime, Bit was every inch as much a character as Rupert is today. I could have written a hundred stories about her and our now dearly departed cat, Shiner. (Yes. I named a cat after beer – THE BEST BEER EVER!)

Little Bit and Shiner Bock

Little Bit and Shiner Bock

That’s the deal, though, it’s easy to be the center of attention when you’re spunky and cute, when you’re young and peppy. Then crappy old father time marches on and blah, blah, blah…. If there’s a point to this story, other than to let you know I have a stoner kitty I love so much I grow her her own stash…. nah…. I think that’s pretty much the point. I LOVE YOU, BIT!