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Tailgate Lovin’ = Ego Strokin’

Look what I got from a reader this morning!IMG_2513

This is really exciting for a couple of reasons. First, isn’t it a beauty? It’s a typical theme for truck art, but still nicely executed. The Virgin Mary, bathed in an aura of ethereal, Heavenly light, gazes admiringly down upon this truck as it drives through a tranquil valley. Also, a reader (who isn’t related by blood or law) sent me something in response to a post!

As you may or may not recall, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Ed and I get a kick out of truck art. It’s one of those things you see a lot of in Houston, but probably don’t pay much attention to until someone points it out! Caitie, reader extraordinaire, noticed this bad baby because of that post and she decided to share it with us! Someone is reading my blog! Thank you, Caitie, for making my day with some tailgate art and a little ego stroking! I’m not sure you knew you were stroking my ego, but my ego appreciates it more than it can say! I think I will continue to blog!

Keep those comments, pictures, emails, communications of any sort coming! I love hearing from you!

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Weekend Recap and Tailgate Art

To ease into Monday, I thought I’d start out with a recap on a pretty uneventful weekend. Ed went to a family reunion on Saturday leaving me ALONE and free to clean the house to my freakishly high standards for the first time in months. Sounds like loads of fun, I know, but there’s almost nothing I love better than a clean house! Sad, but true. I have become my mother. I love the earth and the environment and all that stuff, but I also love the smell of a house that’s just been scoured with Comet, Windex (the original Windex, none of that new stuff), good, old-fashioned Vinegar, and Swiffer floor cleaner. (Love my Wet Jet!)  No “green” products at my house. Sorry. Those smells, to me, equal a clean house!

Sneak Peek - Be kind. It's not finished... and may never be!

Sneak Peek – Be kind. It’s not finished… and may never be!

After cleaning, I made ANOTHER trip to Michael’s for more painting supplies. It turns out mixing colors is more difficult than I anticipated. I ended up buying more paint, better brushes, and a Stay-Wet paint palette. I bought a little better quality than the supplies I started with, but I didn’t go overboard by buying the most expensive stuff available. However, it’s official. Commissioning Pablo Picasso, providing, of course he wasn’t dead, would have been less expensive than painting Rupert’s portrait myself. Live and learn. The painting is coming along, but as I mentioned on FB, painting may not be the best hobby for me. I get a little obsessive about certain things and, apparently, painting is one of them. Who knew!? I could jack around with this portrait til the cows come home… and then I’d probably decide to add some cows to the painting… Anyway, here’s a peek at where I am now. I’m going to mess around with the shading and the ears a little more, even though Ed says I should leave it like this. I’ve got so much money invested in paint and supplies, I feel obligated to keep painting. People are going to think a 5 year old lives in our house when they see all the rudimentary animal art hung proudly on our walls.

Tailgate Art

Tailgate Art

Sunday is usually a cooking day at Casa Golemon. On our way to Kroger for supplies, we saw this truck. Ed and I have long been fans of tailgate art. Luckily, we get to see lots of it in our neighborhood. I plan to do a longer post on the glory and wonder of tailgate art in the future, but I just couldn’t resist sharing this with you. As for the cooking… Ed made another batch of hot dog sauce and, with MUCH LESS cinnamon this time, it turned out really well! I baked sourdough bread. The recipe, handed down from my grandmother, says it turns out 3 loaves. I have never had much luck dividing my dough evenly enough for 3 even sized loaves and yesterday was no exception. Still, bread is bread no matter what it looks like.  There’s always next week to try again! There’s a longer post on sourdough starter and bread in the works. Stay tuned. It will be epic.

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