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High Art… Or Not

Those of you who know me know I love nothing more than a good piece of tailgate – art. (Get it? Do you see what I did right there? I love it when I giggle at my own cleverness.) Anyway, I left my three loyal readers hanging the other day when I mentioned an art sighting over on the Facebook page, but I never followed up with pictures. So, without further ado, I present… Well, I’m still not sure what to call this, but I like it.

Jesus is a Polo Jockey

Call me a snob or a purist, but I was more than a little put off by this window film catastrophe when I first pulled up behind it. It seemed like a a cheap imitation of an art form I’ve come to love and admire. How could anyone take this thing seriously? Really. The van isn’t even in the picture, a key element of tailgate art. Plus, there’s no tailgate, and no paint, so it doesn’t qualify as traditional tailgate art and, yes. Before you ask, there is such a thing as traditional tailgate art – because I say so. I told you. I take this seriously, maybe more seriously than people who actually have art on their tailgates. Maybe.

But the more I stared, the more this piece grew on me. There’s no skyline, no glorious sunset to admire in this picture, but it does kind of look like Jesus and the Virgin Mary are hanging out at the polo field. In fact, I think Jesus has a polo mallet-thing in his hand. Yes, I realize it’s a staff, but use your imagination. If you look at the little black window buttons, they look like polo balls. A coincidence? I think not. You see it, don’t you? What this van art lacks in traditional elements, it makes up for in fun! It’s amusing, whether that’s intentional or not is irrelevant. The van won me over. (It was a long light, obviously.)

If there’s a moral to this story it’s this:

I shouldn’t be so judgey. This guy obviously loves a good piece of tailgate as much as I do. Also, I’m going to take a big leap here, because why not. This is guy’s van art is probably the guy equivalent of a Pinterest project. You wanna be DIYers know what I’m talking about. I pin art and home improvement projects on my Pinterest boards like a fiend. Every so often, I convince myself I’m actually talented and skilled enough to replicate one of those projects. Remember this little beauty?Pinterest Projects We Have Known and Curse Through

The reality, however, is that I have no such skills or talents and my Pinterest inspired projects tend to go horribly wrong. In fact, I have a half finished dining room table sitting in the middle of my den collecting dust and other odds and ends at this very moment. At least this guy has a finished piece of amusing, not quite tailgate art on the back of his van; and that, my friend, is something to be proud of.





Tailgate Lovin’ = Ego Strokin’

Look what I got from a reader this morning!IMG_2513

This is really exciting for a couple of reasons. First, isn’t it a beauty? It’s a typical theme for truck art, but still nicely executed. The Virgin Mary, bathed in an aura of ethereal, Heavenly light, gazes admiringly down upon this truck as it drives through a tranquil valley. Also, a reader (who isn’t related by blood or law) sent me something in response to a post!

As you may or may not recall, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Ed and I get a kick out of truck art. It’s one of those things you see a lot of in Houston, but probably don’t pay much attention to until someone points it out! Caitie, reader extraordinaire, noticed this bad baby because of that post and she decided to share it with us! Someone is reading my blog! Thank you, Caitie, for making my day with some tailgate art and a little ego stroking! I’m not sure you knew you were stroking my ego, but my ego appreciates it more than it can say! I think I will continue to blog!

Keep those comments, pictures, emails, communications of any sort coming! I love hearing from you!

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